ŠKODA Service Plans

Available in Epsom, Surrey

Here at Allams Motor Company, we’re more than aware of just how the costs of keeping your vehicle in prime condition can add up. In particular, regular vehicle servicing - whether annual or interim, major or minor - all costs money. As such, knowing that you’re able to pay for such an necessities when they comes around is vital.

To help you budget for such an expense, we’re delighted to offer a selection of service plans that aim to make servicing more affordable. These plans are available to pay by direct debit over the course of 18 months, meaning a low payment of just a few pounds will be taken from your account instead of one full payment of a couple of hundred pounds when the service is due. Best of all, these plans are fixed price, meaning that what you agree to today will not be susceptible to price increases during the term of your agreement.

Our service plans are available for models aged under one year and those over one year of age. The price of the plans varies only negligibly, and enables you to secure great value and keep your model in prime condition for longer. In addition, the plan is transferable, meaning that should you sell your vehicle, the benefits will pass to the new owner, making your vehicle a more desirable model in the second-hand market.

One simple plan for the road ahead

That new ŠKODA feeling never has to leave.

We want to make sure every journey in your ŠKODA feels like your very first―for years to come. So, we’ve made it simple and affordable to maintain specialist-grade care, with our fixed-price service and maintenance plans.

Both new and seasoned ŠKODA drivers can plan a smoother journey knowing their scheduled service is completely managed, and covered by our Customer Promise―all in one simple, low-cost service plan*. Our plans offer two or three consecutive services with fixed prices for your ŠKODA that’s under fifteen years old, and has been driven less than 10,000 miles annually.

Complete budget control

Inflation proof, fixed-cost plans with no nasty surprises.

Genuine ŠKODA parts

Authorised SKODA technicians using our made-to-measure parts with a two-year warranty.

Increased trade-in value

Official ŠKODA stamped logs and fully transferable plans

Cars under 1 year old

2 Services - Only £16.50^ a month over 24 months (or £396 upfront)

You're covered for:

• 1 x Oil Service

• 1 x Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen filter

Cars between 1 and 15 years old

2 Services - Only £17.50^ a month over 24 months or £420 upfront

You're covered for:

• 2x Oil and Inspection Service

• 1x Pollen filter

• 1x Extended scope

Cars between 1 and 15 years old

3 Services - Only £27 a month^ over 24 months (£648 upfront)

You're covered for:

• 3x Oil and Inspection Service

Depending on your service schedule, you will also receive either:

• 1x Pollen Filter and 2x Extended Scope Inspections


• 2x Pollen Filter and 1x Extended Scope Inspections

What's more, if you decide to part with your car, the plans can be transferred to a subsequent owner.

Please note

^Pay monthly option limited to vehicles less than 200,000 miles only. Payable over 24 months. Additional work, including wear and tear is excluded. Servicing must be carried out in line with the requirement of the service schedule. All work must be carried out at a ŠKODA Authorised Repairer. ŠKODA Financial Services.