ŠKODA Finance

Flexible repayment packages at Allams of Epsom in Epsom, Surrey

With Allams of Epsom, the purchase of a brand-new ŠKODA is now even easier thanks to our flexible finance packages, each of which can be tailored to your circumstances. You’re sure to enjoy the range of benefits that financing provides as a purchasing option, and this approach also makes your money go further.

View the finance options available below. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff online, by phone or in person at our Epsom dealership.

Contract Hire

Popular amongst business customers, contract hire is a lease agreement for a defined period of time with a mileage limit set and a fixed cost paid. All these aspects determine the amount you pay, as does the expected depreciation of your ŠKODA. There’s no obligation to own the vehicle outright; you can return it when the agreement ends.

Hire Purchase

Not dissimilar to taking out a loan from a lender, hire purchase involves taking out a loan that is paid back over a set period of time with interest. Your ŠKODA is secured against the loan to protect the creditor, and additional rights are given with a hire purchase compared to a standard personal loan. Only approved dealers may offer hire purchase agreements.

Lease Purchase

A lease purchase agreement, specifies the length of the agreement and calculates the estimated future value of your ŠKODA (its residual value), based on depreciation. You will pay the difference between the retail value and the residual value over the set number of months, leaving a balance at the end. You could continue using finance to pay this off, pay it up-front, or part-exchange the vehicle. There are no mileage restrictions and agreements typically last between two and four years. You have three options at the end of the agreement:-

  • Refinance or pay off the outstanding payment and retain your vehicle
  • Trade your car in for a new model. If the trade-in value exceeds the residual value, the difference can be put towards a deposit on a new contract
  • Sell the vehicle privately and retain any profit above the residual value

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase involves lower monthly payments and a deferred Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) of the vehicle at the contract’s end. The GFV and deposit are subtracted from the retail price of your vehicle, and monthly payments are calculated from the remaining balance plus interest. You only pay off depreciation, covering the difference between the retail price and the GFV. When the contract ends, you have the following options:

  • Return the vehicle to cover the GFV. You only pay more cash out if you’ve exceeded the mileage limit, or if the vehicle has been damaged
  • Pay off or refinance the GFV and retain your vehicle
  • Trade your vehicle in for a new model. If the trade-in value exceeds the GFV, the difference can be used towards a deposit on the next contract
  • Sell the vehicle privately and keep any profit above the GFV payment

Contact the finance specialists at our Epsom dealership for more information on financing your new ŠKODA. Submit an online enquiry, call us directly or visit our dealership in person.